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Lumisty MFY-2555 was installed to provide privacy from adjacent neighbor looking in from the right, while maintaining beautiful ocean view. Reveals were employed to add a design element.


Surf Club Miami



Surf Club Miami


Lumisty film was one of the key materials for Uniqlo's holiday windows at their New York City flagship stores at Fifth Avenue and Soho. Mona Kim Projects, agency commissioned by Uniqlo, designed a combination of Lumisty and a custom color-gradient film, also produced and installed by GlassFilm Enterprises. Production management by Rocket Global for Mona Kim Projects - - READ MORE

Armani in Chicago

Armani in Chicago




GlassFilm Enterprises created and installed a Lumisty logo on Sleep Number storefronts throughout the United States, in tandem with Universal Signs, Inc. Pictured below left is the logo as it appears from an angle, and on the right a clear view into the store from straight on, whereby the logo has disappeared.




GFE installed Lumisty logos for Duke Medical Center in conjunction with Optika Scenicworks. The logos to the left and right of Optika's "water glass", appear and disappear as your angle of view changes.




GlassFilm Enterprises (GFE) played a major role in the creation of a glass feature wall at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, designed to promote the new Cirque du Soleil show, “Believe”, starring Criss Angel. GFE collaborated with Hamilton Anderson Architects-Detroit and Sid Lee-Montreal to provide laminated glass panels containing a custom film forest of trees.

Layers of LUMISTY film, combined with mirrored glass, created a magical effect.. Images of rabbits, eyes and Criss Angel appeared and disappeared, depending on your angle of view. The photos don’t do it justice. You have to see it to “Believe” it.




GlassFilm Enterprises and IDL Worldwide collaborated to create an exciting display for Nike, featuring a clear view of basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant, when looking straight-on (pictured left) and a message cut out of the Lumisty film, "the speed of light just got quicker", when viewing the display from an angle (pictured right).




BRITISH AIRWAYS reports British Airways has unveiled its new Club World seat, the centerpiece in its $191 million overhaul of its long haul business class cabin, ground service and in-flight entertainment system. Besides a seat that is 25% wider and more than 6’ in length, there is a new opaque privacy screen that separates the seats.

It can be raised or lowered electronically, and is made of an innovative material, Lumisty, (supplied by GlassFilm Enterprises) which enables cabin crew standing next to it to see through it, while still appearing opaque to the passengers sitting on either side.



A/X Armani Exchange used Lumisty film to introduce it's new line of men's underwear, at more than 60 stores nationwide. The challenge was to create maximum attention among passing shoppers, using Lumisty film as a "peek-a-boo" screening of live models, wearing nothing but Armani's newly introduced men's briefs. The result was terrific, with shoppers stopping to view the product, when straight-on to the glass.


Armani in Chicago


The Chicago store achieved the same effect using Lumisty film in conjunction with graphic images.


Armani in Chicago




Lumisty film was installed for the "holidays" storefront at Lancel's flagship store on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Designed by Agence Punk, the film covered all the glass around the entrance door and both ends of the storefront. When walking on the sidewalk in front of the store, the glass appears to be frosted, but when looking into the store straight-on, it is perfectly clear.

Lancel Entrance




LMM recently opened their first US store in Downtown Disneyland, designed by JGA of Southfield, MI. Ken Nisch, Chairman of JGA, told VM+SD Magazine that “too often adults see shopping as a chore, but the tween shopper is expecting a fun experience and that’s what this store delivers”. Event Design Magazine certainly agreed, by naming LMM "Best Retail Installation of 2010".

GlassFilm Enterprises, Inc. worked with JGA in extending the “fun” concept to the storefront. When approaching the store from an angle, the LMM circular logo, made from LUMISTY film, is very visible (left of entrance). While looking straight-on into the store, the logo disappears (right of entrance).




GlassFilm Enterprises collaborated with Glaspro, Inc., on Frank Gehry’s Art of the Motorcycle, at the Guggenheim Las Vegas. As reported in Glass Magazine, the centerpiece of the exhibit’s second level, is a glass jewel box standing 40 by 50 feet tall in which motorcycles are perched on a ribbon of stainless steel. Looking through the glass walls to the interior of the box, the structure has a translucent appearance. From the interior, however, the glass walls appear to morph from opaque to transparent, allowing the motorcycle exhibit on the other side to emerge from behind the glass.

Motorcycle Exibit

To create this unique effect, Lumisty sight control film was applied to the exterior surface of the jewel box panels ( which also serve as a projection screen on which brightly colored images of motorcycles and movie clips appear).


For more information or to request a free sample of Lumisty or any other of our glass films please contact us.



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