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Imaging Films on Glass - Decorative Film.

GlassFilm Enterprises offers architects and designers a variety of custom designed, film-to-glass options utilizing both 4-color digital and one-way imaging. Any image, photographic or otherwise, that can be scanned and digitized can also be produced on a film-to-glass product. Corporate logos, brand names, advertisements, or decorative designs for interior glass partitions are just a few possible applications of this exciting new technology. Film can feature images seen on only one side of the glass. In a storefront window, for example, the brand name or logotype can appear on the outside, without any trace of a reverse image evident on the inside. Etched glass effects, as well as frosted glass for privacy, are also produced on a custom basis. Custom images on window film—the possibilities are as wide as your own imagination.

Custom window film on window of The Butcher shop in Boston. Architectural Record, August 2004, p. 230.Custom window film

“GlassFilm Enterprises offers a custom-designed window film that enables graphic and photographic images to be converted into a decorative film for interior or exterior glass. The material is created using a proprietary ink-to-film process, which allows for color, black, or white images. Film resembling intricate ironwork was used as a privacy screen and window decoration for The Butcher Shop wine bar in Boston (right). Also available from GlassFilm is Lumisty, a film that morphs from transparent to translucent as the angle of view changes. GlassFilm Enterprises, Boston. [ Reader Service # 218a ]”

Architectural Record

custom photographic decorative film
custom photographic decorative film
custom decorative film
Custom frosted decorative film Custom frosted decorative film custom decorative frosted film
Custom window graphics
custom window graphics Custom Window Graphics - Philips Building. Custom window graphics at DaVinci airport-Italy
Custom window film as a interior glass partition custom window graphics at Jacob Javitz Center in New York custom window graphics

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