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“We used Lumisty on two projects, one at LACMA (LA County Museum of Art), and the other at Brad Pitt’s studio—both Brad and I had seen it at the Standard Hotel in L.A. We’ve also proposed it for the façade of The National Museum in Latvia, and for Gallery C in Hermosa Beach, CA. Lumisty is one of the 'core' materials in our catalog. There’s a mystery to the kinesthetic experience it creates through the movement of the observer—and there aren’t many other architectural materials you can say that about. It’s also one of the few that gets a reaction from people—like, ‘I love your house—and by the way—how did you make your window do that?' We look for ‘smartness’ built into a product without a lot of high tech or electronics required. Lumisty can’t be ‘solved’ by the push of a button, and it carries interest that doesn't grow old on you. In this sense it functions like a piece of art.”

Wolfram Putz
Graft Design, Los Angeles
Nicole Gorg
Coordinator, Art Department
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Los Angeles, California
“Our production designer on CSI first saw Lumisty on the windows of a store or restaurant in Miami, and he had the idea of using it in one of our scenes. The key for us—or anyone in television production—is getting what we need quickly. We had a great experience with GlassFilm Enterprises and Jay Frolick was extremely helpful. We were very happy with the results of the film—our own production crew was able to install it quite easily. Lumisty was used in an episode called The Accused is Entitled, which aired in 2002. The scene took place in an upscale hotel suite in which we applied the film to a low wall partition. It’s ideal for movement, because as the camera dollies, you get all the added interest of the film’s unique visual effect. CSI will probably use Lumisty again—but not too often—we want to save it for special situations.”

“I first saw Lumisty at Issey Miyake’s showroom about four years ago, and have wanted to use it ever since—but not all clients can appreciate what I think of as the film’s incredible sense of humor. When I designed Mynt Lounge, a bar in Miami’s South Beach, two years ago, I put Lumisty on a huge glass panel—approximately 20-feet high by 36-feet wide, also on another six-foot-high panel—and in other areas of the bar too. People just love it—the owners, the clientele, whoever notices it. My one regret is that the bar is a little dark, and for that reason, not everyone catches on to the film. Lumisty is the kind of product I always keep in mind. It’s a smart product. I wish that I could use it on a whole building, although that would be kind of expensive!”

Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque
Miami, Florida
Mary Martel
Visual Events Manager
Sony Gallery, Chicago
“On the second floor of the Sony Gallery in Chicago there’s a large glass wall, about 10-feet high by 20-feet wide. We were thinking of closing it off or displaying art—we wanted to do something interesting with it. Of course, Sony sells great slide projectors on the showroom floor, so we had the idea of projecting images on that glass wall. Jay Frolick was extremely helpful to us. He pointed out local sites where we could see different applications of window film, and he sent us tons of samples. Once we selected the Decolite frosted decorative film, we needed it quickly, and his turn-around time was great. We applied the film to the glass wall and ended up using a rear screen projector to show DVDs—previews of Sony Pictures new releases, as well as features. Customers now stand and watch movies—the wall’s gotten lots of attention. We also did a smaller project in which we used the same film as an accent on the bottom of a glass wall along a stairwell, effectively masking out the wiring on the floor. Cord management is very important in the presentation of Sony products, and the Decolite decorative film really helped us make the wires less noticeable to our customers.”

"I first used Lumisty in a store window display in Montreal four years ago. I had been inspired by what the Issey Miyake store had done in SoHo, New York. When I came to Shreve, Crump & Low's Boston store, management was receptive to my using Lumisty again in their visual display calendar. For our 2002 Holiday windows we created a play on the idea of the hidden gift. A four-sided acrylic housing was placed over Shreve, Crump & Low's coveted gift box. It became a hide-and-seek, a visual tease, to guess what jeweled surprise would be in the box. Window shoppers were intrigued to see the gift box appear, disappear, then appear again. Lumisty will also be used in our summer displays as part of our American Dream window series. Jay Frolick makes the "impossible" possible. While some suppliers may find visual display ideas far-fetched, Jay has always worked closely on our projects to ensure that our idea for the Lumisty application is fully realized.”

Lucy Bouwman
Visual Display Director
Shreve, Crump & Low Jewelers, Boston
Mark Rabinowitz
Vice President
Paul Rabinowitz Glass Co. Inc., Philadelphia
“I’ve known Jay Frolick and worked with him on many projects over the past eight years. Our company contracts and installs glass, selling/installing directly for end users—storefronts, curtain walls—we’ve installed the glass on everything from Gap stores to the Federal Reserve Bank building. Through the years we've used a wide range of Madico products, including Lumisty on the Christiana Care Hospital in Christiana, Delaware. Whenever we have a big job or a small question we call Jay. Let’s face it, Madico’s films are good products, but Jay is the reason I buy from Madico. He’s knowledgeable, fair, and extremely loyal.

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