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Using etched glass for a commercial or public project requires either using an off-the-shelf pattern or finding an artisan who is experienced in various etching techniques and who has the specialized equipment necessary for your project. While etched glass can be very beautiful, the beauty comes with a price. Costing as much as $125 per square foot, etched glass may be impractical for all but a very few installations. There is a better solution.

A decorative film from Madico offers the look of an etched glass window but at a fraction of the cost. A Decolite decorative film window is easier to install than etched glass, costs significantly less than etching glass, requires less time to create, can be fabricated to your design, and offers many other advantages as well.

Increases safety. Decolite glass film holds glass together to lessen the likelihood of flying shards during natural and man-made disasters and it lessens the chance of injury and property damage. In retail environments it makes forced entry more difficult for burglars or vandals and it protects against "smash-and-grab" thefts. It improves the visibility of sliding glass doors.

Rejects ultraviolet radiation. A window with glass film screens up to 98% of damaging ultraviolet radiation and decreases interior fading.

Cuts glare. Harsh sunlight and glare is often a problem in certain locations and at different times of the day and of the year. A window fitted with an "etched glass" film softens harsh sunlight and reduces annoying glare.

Resists scratching. Glass film acts as a scratch-resistant barrier for the glass it embellishes.

Easy to maintain. Decolite film does not require specialized cleaning fluids or techniques; it can be cleaned with commercial cleaners or with soap and water.

Easy to retrofit. With a glass film you can retrofit existing glass so that it appears etched. We can make a custom film based on your design to create a custom etched glass appearance for your project.

Simple to change. As fashions change you may want to change the appearance of the glass. Applying a new film is simple and can be done quickly. This is especially important with rental property and with a new tenant. Changing the film is significantly less expensive and time consuming than changing glass itself.

A proven solution. Glass film is a tested and proven solution. It has been used for decades in projects worldwide including in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Le Louvre, the Smithsonian, and the Christian Dior Boutique.

Backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Decolite glass film is installed by professionals and is backed by a Madico warranty. Decolite products have been used throughout the world for over a century and enjoy a well-deserved reputation for excellence and innovation. Madico, a global organization, is located in the US and is a subsidiary of LINTEC Corporation. The company developed the process for making energy control window film and continues to develop products for architects and designers around the world.

For more information or to get a free sample please contact us.

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