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A decorative glass film window created from Madico Decolite film creates the art of etched glass for a fraction of the cost. Although etched glass has been used to enhance interior settings for many years, its beauty comes with a price. Etched glass can cost as much as $125 per square foot and may not be practical for many applications. A decorative glass film window, on the other hand, looks the same as etched glass and it's easier to install, costs significantly less, and offers many other advantages as well.

A window designed with Decolite film adds interest to wall treatments, fixtures, and the overall design of the environment. By using Decolite you can create private areas for bathrooms, conference rooms, office partitions, and other areas that require privacy but without entirely closing-off these areas. Using Decolite costs significantly less than using etched glass yet it looks the same as an expensive etched glass window. It's perfect for restaurants, banks, museums, and health clubs.

A Decolite window is scratch resistant and it reduces glare, both from sunlight and from internal lighting. It's easy to maintain and the Decolite film can be cleaned with soap and water or with commonly used commercial cleaners. Some fingerprints can never be completely removed from etched glass, but with a Decolite window this is not a problem.

A Decolite window is also safer than an etched glass window. When an etched glass window is smashed it can cause injuries from the flying shards of glass. Decolite, on the other hand, tends to hold the glass together and can reduce the injuries from the broken glass. While it's not designed to provide security, it can help protect against "smash and grab" thefts.

Decolite is available in a full palette of patterns to match your preferences and applications. In addition we can create custom films based on your own designs so you can realize your own designs in an etched glass look at an affordable cost.

An additional advantage of Decolite is that it can be used to retrofit existing glass. As styles change you can change the film to match contemporary tastes. This is especially important in rental spaces as the glass designs can change to meet different tenant's requirements. We offer Decolite in a wide array of patterns and styles. We can create custom glass films based on your design.

Decolite is always appropriate for any setting: it enhances design, increases safety, rejects ultraviolet radiation, cuts glare, it's scratch resistant, easy to maintain, and offers inspired patterns that are always in vogue.

Decolite is installed by professionals and is backed by a Madico warranty. Madico products have been used throughout the world for more than a century and enjoy a well-deserved reputation for excellence and innovation. Madico, a global organization, is located in the US and is a subsidiary of LINTEC Corporation. The company developed the process for making energy control window film and continues to develop products for architects and designers around the world.

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